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3-Season Rooms

Muskoka Aluminum & Vinyl Three Season Sunroom by Better Living

Our most popular enclosure, the three-season sunroom is an easy, affordable way to extend your outdoor living season.

Each day more homeowners are rediscovering the tranquility of their own back yards in their Betterliving Sunrooms. These versatile enclosures give you and family the opportunity to enjoy all that is wonderful about the outdoors.

With Muskoka Aluminum & Vinyl Sunrooms, everyday will seem like a vacation, and every activity more enjoyable in your own special place.

Not only does a Muskoka Aluminum & Vinyl Three Season Sunrooms give you more living space at a fraction of the cost of standard construction, Betterliving Sunrooms truly distinguishes your home in the neighborhood making it much more desirable to future owners.

Muskoka Aluminum & Vinyl Three Season Sunroom Specifications:

Sunroom Walls and doors:

  • Fully engineered 3" thick extruded aluminum components
  • Interlocking frames provide added structural strength
  • Baked-on, maintenance-free enamel finish
  • Colour-matched handles
  • Fully integrated sliding windows and doors especially designed for sunrooms
  • Steel wheels for long-lasting, easy glide on all windows and doors
  • Sturdy, security window and door locks
  • Easy access for wiring and outlets
  • Full glass views- floor to ceiling glass walls- available in all styles

High Quality Glass Units for your sunroom:

  • Tempered glass windows & doors. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than plate glass. (If broken, tempered glass falls into harmless pebble-like pieces.)
  • Choose single pane or insulated Low-E, argon-filled. Both options available in clear or bronze glass
  • Quality controlled seal on insulated units
  • Manufacturer’s warranty against seal failure and glass breakage

Fully-engineered roof panels for your sunroom:

  • All roof panels are tested using ASTM E72-98 procedures by an independent testing laboratory
  • Our roof panels are constructed with a high-density polystyrene core bonded to maintenance free aluminum “skins”. Core thickness are available in 3″, 4½”, and 6″ to meet your insulation and structural requirements. Roof panels are also offered in higher strength, phenolic resin impregnated, honeycomb- shaped core.
  • Installing Skylites in the roof panel is an available option
  • Skyview Roofing is an available option
  • Traditional shingled roofing is an available option
White Sand Earthstone