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Patio Covers & Carports

PanelCraft(TM) Insulated Panels

This technological marvel is made using two aluminum skins bonded to a stabilizing core material. These “sandwich” panels are incredibly strong. Use them on your patio room or as a stand alone cover for your patio. Rely on PanelCraft(TM) aluminum panels to provide protection from the sun, rain and snow. Enjoy outdoor gatherings or just relax in your favourite patio lounge chair on a hot summer day without worrying about the sun’s harsh effects.

PanelCraft(TM) aluminum roof panels provide attractive and maintenance free protection for your patio enclosure, deck or sun porch. Installed as a carport, PanelCraft(TM) keeps you from getting wet or tripping through snow as you get the groceries from the car to the house, as well as giving your car shelter.

PanelCraft(TM) polystyrene (“foam”) core panels are best of breed. They feature our unique Krystal Kote clear protective finish and a high density foam core. PanelCraft(TM) foam panels are built to withstand our Canadian snow loads with the engineering to prove it.

Craft-Bilt also manufactures PanelCraft(TM) panels with our exclusive honeycomb core tecnology. Honeycomb technology is found in critical applications such as airplane wings, rocket gantry platforms and the floor and roof panels of the Acura Vigor, just to name a few. Our Honeycomb panels are even stronger than our foam panels, yet only cost a small percentage more. Although they have less insulation than foam panels, many customers choose them for their Three and Four Season sun rooms. Occasionally, in some jurisdictions, obtaining a building permit is difficult with roof panels containing foam cores. Honeycomb core panels do not suffer from such building code issues.PanelCraft(TM) structural insulated panels are your best choice for an insulated, maintenance-free roof system. Craft-Bilt’s laminated roof panels have been covering Canadians for over 35 years, longer than any other Canadian sunroom manufacturer.

PanelCraft(TM) panels come in three thicknesses: 3", 4½” and 6". The thicker the panel, the farther it can span and the more insulation it has. The 3" panel takes care of most applications, however always obey your local building code.

Craft-Bilt(TM) also provides special foam core panels that are lined with OSB (Oriented Strand Board). These panels address particular concerns of a small percentage of building departments in Ontario.


  • Facing: ASTM 3105 alloy maintenance free aluminum skins with baked on enamel finish, topped with our unique Krystal Kote clear coat
  • Core: Type II high density expanded polystyrene
  • Adhesive: Moisture curing, one part, 100% solids, non-volatile, type III urethane adhesive, bond strength (AL – EPS 1.5#) = 20 – 33 PSI
  • Extrusions: ASTM 6063-T6 alloy, Fu = 30,000 PSI, Fy = 25,000 PSI
  • Built in gutter with large water capacity and radiused inlet to reduce over spray

Available options include:

  • White, Sand or Earthstone colours (Earthstone is not permitted as a top roof skin colour)
  • Colour matched aluminum extrusions
  • Special roof panel available for shingling
  • Fixed or venting skylight
  • Special foam panel available with OSB fire protection layer, tested to CAN4-S124M
  • 3″, 4 1/2″ and 6″ thicknesses
Laminated Panel Drawing
PanelCraft(TM) Foam Core
Laminated Honeycomb Panel
PanelCraft(TM) Honeycomb Core